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Getting Started with Programming

Programming and software engineering are two of the fastest-growing job categories, and demand for skilled professionals will outpace supply in the next year or so. This means that many people are looking to learn programming skills. Unfortunately, getting started can be tricky since there are so many languages and ways of learning to choose from. This website will cut through some of these issues and make it easier to make the right decision.

Choosing the Right Language

The best programming language to learn depends on what you want to do with the skills that you acquire. For example, those interested in data science may wish to learn a language such as R or Python that makes it easy to interrogate and manipulate data. On the other hand, potential mobile app makers should consider Swift, and website makers should look at CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. All have their ups and downs, and there is no one right choice for everyone.

How to Learn to Program

The best way of learning depends in part on what works best for a person. For example, traditional learners may find that a university course is an excellent option. Still, more visual students may prefer an online approach on YouTube or another video platform. All of these options are valid and have their own merits, and the right choice depends on the learner and what they are looking to do with the skills they acquire.